Advertise on Metro Buses

By advertising on Waukesha Metro Transit, you can put your business in motion.
  • Our buses travel throughout the City of Waukesha, City of Pewaukee, and along the busy Bluemound Corridor to Brookfield Square.
  • Over 82,400 people live and work in Metro's service area.
  • Our buses are on the road seven days a week, day and night.
  • Our fleet of 30 buses is on the road over 17 hours a day, traveling 900,000 miles and carrying over 750,000 passengers a year.
To learn more about bus advertising on Waukesha Metro Transit, please email Woody Baker from Direct Media USA, or call 414-231-9569. Custom Sized Ads are also available!
Bus Shelter Advertising
Waukesha Metro also has bus shelter advertising opportunities throughout our service area and will be expanding to Bluemound Road in Brookfield soon.

To learn more about bus shelter advertising on Waukesha Metro bus shelters, please email Pete Monfre at Clear Channel Outdoor or call 262-506-9011.