1. Administrative Review Appeals Board

    See who serves on the Administrative Review Appeals Board and check out their calendar of meeting times.

  2. Board of Building Appeals

    Members of this board serve a 2-year term.

  3. Board of Public Works

    View minutes, members and more information about this committee.

  4. Board of Review

    Past minutes and current members can be found on this board's page.

  5. Board of Zoning Appeals

    This board hears appeals and makes decisions with regards to the zoning of Waukesha.

  6. Deferred Compensation Board

    This board handles deferred compensation for employees, such as pensions, retirement plans, and employee stock options.

  7. Ethics Board

    Ethics is an important value to the city, and this board ensures that it remains an important part of what drives its missions and functions.

  8. Park, Recreation & Forestry Board

    This board assists with decisions and planning for Parks and Recreation, which includes items that fall under forestry as well.

  9. Information Technology Board

    Information Technology maintains many issues regarding public information and security, and this board helps make sure that all thing are being maintained.

  10. Public Library Board

    This board serves the library by overseeing ordinances and other important aspects that keep the library running well and serving the public.

  11. Sign Review Board

    Peruse the current members of this board and contact them for more information.

  12. Transit Commission Board

    This board works with the public transit systems to enact updated and enforce the rules and regulations.