2017 Street Resurfacing

Project Update July 5, 2017

The 2017 project includes:

Madison Street : 200 feet+/- west of S. Grandview to Comanche Lane

Patricia Lane : Northview Road to Pebble Valley Rd

S. Comanche Lane (Madison St. to Minot Ln)

Crestwood Drive (S. Intersection S. Comanche to N. Intersection.)


Stark Pavement Corp. Inc. of Brookfield, is the General Contractor for this year’s project. The work on Madison Street, S. Comanche Lane, and Crestwood Drive will consist of sewer manhole and storm inlet repairs, curb and gutter repairs, construction of handicap ramps, milling off approximately 2-Inches of existing pavement and finally overlaying with asphalt pavement. 


The south half of Patricia Lane will be resurfaced and the north half will be reconstructed. The work will consist of full depth milling in sections of the street without existing curb and gutter as well as two-inch milling and repaving on areas of the street with existing curb and gutter. In addition, curb and gutter will be added in the sections where no curb currently exists. A sump storm main is to also be added for the purpose of connecting in residents’ sump pumps if they reside on the west side of Patricia Lane.


Work has started on both Patricia Lane and Madison Street. The storm water sump main is being installed on Patricia Lane, and curb and gutter removal and replacements have begun on Madison Street.

Project Contact:
Dave Buechl, P.E.