Proposed Fire Station No. 3 and Police Substation and Sanitary Sewer Extension

Project Update: Sept 15, 2017





This last week there was a lot of work done on the PD side of the building:trusses, soffit framing, ice and water shield.  The site concrete is at 85%, Furnaces have been set and the roof panels were delivered.

Next week the roof panels will start being installed, the stone and brick will begin and Curb and Gutter should be poured.

River Valley Rd Sanitary Extension and Access Rd to Building

The casing has been installed for the sewer and the contractor will move the grading crew in next week to begin the access road in front of the church.

Picture of roof panels
The Westerly drive into the church has been closed to church traffic and is being used for construction traffic. 

Contact Information:
Katie Jelacic, P.E.
Project Engineer
262-349-6511 (c)

Sewer Extension:
Chris Langemak, P.E.
Project Engineer
262-349-6512 (c)