Mari Lebakken

One of the first people you are likely to meet when entering the Community Development Department is Mari Lebakken. With over 35 years' experience working for government, Mari works with residents and businesses looking to submit permit applications for construction, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC projects. Her department role involves a high-level of multi-tasking and coordinating skills.
“I really enjoy helping people,” Mari says with a smile.  “I have had bad experiences in my life where people have been less than kind, or not as helpful as I had hoped, and I know how that feels.”   
She knows that the process of starting a construction project, large or small, can be intimidating.  One of her goals is to help  with whatever project is being proposed.  Jennifer Andrews, Community Development Director, stated, “I regularly receive positive comments about Mari’s customer service from our customers, residents and our own City staff.  Mari’s problem solving attitude is appreciated by everyone that she works with.”  It is a pleasure to have Mari on our team!